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Annual Fund Seminar




  • What is an Annual Fund? What belongs in and what does not.
  • Understand goal setting—and goal achieving.
  • What needs should get funded from which source?
  • Repeating the process: what to do in the following year.
  • Components of an Annual Fund:
  • Direct Mail/Email
  • Phone/Television
  • Special Projects
  • Special Events
  • Personal Solicitation
  • Planned Gifts

"Sam Kennedy is a master teacher and this shows in his seminars. His goal is to have the workshop participants grasp the information, so that they can go back to their organizations to be effective in development work. His approach is strategic – emphasizing ways to acquire the largest gifts with the fewest steps. His style is pleasant, humorous at times, and totally engaging – a must for anyone serious about development work".

Elaine Kennedy

Executive Director,  New Morning School

Plymouth, Michigan