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Major Gift Solicitation Seminar




Understand why people want to support non-profit organizations and what you can do to help them choose yours.


  • Understand resource development
  • Stop thinking "fundraising" and start thinking "resource development"
  • Understand your development community
  • Build a dynamic development plan
  • Build a dream team of community leaders
  • Mine the major donor marketplace
  • Learn five easy steps to get the big donors to say yes
  • Understand how to help put your donor dollars to work for you and your donors
  • Review case studies from members of the audience
  • Get answers to your major gift solicitation questions


“I recently attended a major gift solicitation seminar that was sponsored by our local community foundation and presented by Strategic Partners, Inc.  Having served in the fundraising sector for many years, I was excited to discover a new, fresh approach with which to successfully appeal to prospective donors.  I came away from the seminar inspired.  The Major Gift Solicitation Seminar is a must for those who seek to improve their fundraising strategies and maximize their gift potential.”

Mike Sullivan

Executive Director, ECHO

North Fort Myers, Florida