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Financial Development



Annual Funds

Often, strengthening your annual fund is the first order of business in establishing financial success. While assessing and/or implementing your existing annual fund program we will evaluate all elements of the plan. We will examine your rate of return and make suggestions to balance your “fund” raisers and “friend” raisers while focusing and expanding efforts for maximum effectiveness.


Feasibility Studies

Conducting a feasibility study is the cornerstone of gauging the support of and assessing the success of a Capital Campaign, Endowment Campaign or major fundraising effort. Philosophically, we view the purpose of a feasibility study wholly different than others in the industry. Whereas the classic feasibility study answers the question “Can this be done?” we, on the other hand, seek the answer to a related and more analytical question, “How can this be done?” Answers to this modified question lay the groundwork for the fundraising project and its solicitation strategies.

By simply rephrasing the question, we not only gain insight into the level of support and the capacity of those interested in giving, leading or doing both; but we also directly engage those  same individuals in the strategic planning process thereby vesting them in the success of your mission’s project. 


Capital Campaigns

Our team provides you with the services required to design, plan, and effectively execute a major campaign. We advise, engage, instruct, guide and challenge you in order to achieve and exceed your financial goals.



A major emphasis of our service to clients is related to endowment building. It has been our experience that the strategies for endowment building are distinct from those appropriate for capital and program funding. With the great sums necessary to establish or augment functional endowments, it is necessary to have carefully designed strategies to present and secure the numbers and size of gifts needed to be successful. Our endowment client references speak to our track record of success in this arena.  


Major Gifts

We tenaciously subscribe to the highest principles and practices of donor development. We recognize that donors are valued stakeholders in your organization. Our team creates strategies to identify and nurture donor relationships and instruct and coach you and your volunteer leaders in the art of solicitation.

The true measure of success of a resource development program is not only the amount of money that is raised, but the effectiveness with which it is raised. The best measure of effectiveness is “cost per dollar raised”.

Whereas mature development programs strive to achieve a standard of fifteen cents per dollar raised, we take pride in our record of helping you raise funds for a cost of five to ten cents on the dollar in major gift campaigns. It’s no surprise that major gifts are a cornerstone of our work. 


Grant Research and Writing

Gifts from corporations and foundations are highly competitive and need to be targeted in a deliberate and consistent manner. We utilize our extensive knowledge to guide you through the process of identification, solicitation and writing grants.


Prospect Research and Donor Network Analysis ® (DNA)

Through the use of in-depth prospect research, our team can add intelligence to cultivation and the ultimate ask. When Donor Network Analysis shows Board members a map of relationships in the community, cultivation tactics are often unlocked, and Board members discover leverage opportunities before extending the case to the donor.

CLICK HERE for a sample DNA Document  (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)