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Shawne Duperon

Media Consultant


Shawne Duperon

Shawne Duperon is a six-time EMMY® Award winning producer, PBS host, networking guru and media expert. A Ph.D. candidate in interpersonal communication, her expertise is gossip: how it impacts culture, the workplace, media and personal lives.

Shawne also teaches how our distorted views of media can get in the way of thoughtful, compelling reporting that moves people to positive action. A veteran TV reporter and news producer, she blows away misperceptions about reporters, newsrooms and gossip, which she calls "the cultural glue that holds us together."

Conducting master's degree research into media theory, Shawne identified connections between our cultural reference points — the subjects of what is called gossip — and how news is reported.

Much of Shawne Duperon's research focuses on how we talk and how it shows up in the media. According to Shawne, how we talk is our media and until we change how we talk, our media will never change.

A native of Detroit, Shawne spent years working as a health and business reporter before starting her own business in 1999. She became well known for producing videos and documentaries to educate, move and inspire viewers for philanthropic causes. She has produced projects for The American Cancer Society, PBS and "Driving Skills for Life, a teen driving program that is saving lives across the country.

As a public speaker, Shawne is in high demand among medical and media professionals, entrepreneurs and companies seeking expert guidance on today's fast-changing media environment.

Her mission is to empower companies, organizations and individuals to better understand the power of all media to convey messages and tell compelling stories.

"I show them how to do this in a powerful way so we get more of these moving, inspiring stories in media," she says.

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