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Orin kennedy

Project Manager


Orin KennedyOrin comes to us with a BA from the University of Michigan and an MA from Eastern Michigan University. While at U of M, Orin was a leader in the Michigan Marching Band (euphonium section), playing in two National Championship football games during his tenure with the band. Orin has a wealth of experience in language and written communication, has taught English at the secondary level and has experience in the retail business, most recently as a Communications Specialist for Borders Group Inc. Orin’s love of books and reading naturally led him to Borders Books where he was rapidly promoted to work in their corporate offices. He continues paying forward his love of literature through various reading initiatives in his local community.

Orin brings a keen sense of process efficiency to his work and has experience with supporting team members working remotely. His focus and follow-through are appreciated across many of our clients.


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